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5 ways to add Bohemian vibe to your home space

By: Jam C. Cua | February 9, 2018

Bohemian style is one of the hot design inspiration used today by designers. It embodies a person who is well traveled and a throwback to the hippie era, with the end result of a warm, inviting and very casual “chill” vibe. Its like your space is saying “messy hair and I don’t care” or “I woke up like this” that’s the type of person a bohemian space represents.

Don’t be afraid to play with colors

Bohemian style loves the mix and splash of colors and that is why this style is so fun to use in redecorating a space. You can instantly reuse vintage items such as rugs and pillow cases because bohemian style doesn’t really follow any certain color. Throw in a dozen of pillows to immediately give a living room a boho feel.

Add low level seating

Whether its pillows on the floor, a pouf as your side table or even a low bench gives your space a “come sit with me” vibe which can make a home have long conversations and laughter that will last throughout the whole night. Low level seating gets more people seated and more comfortable that they feel right at home.

Bring the outdoors into your space

Greenery was a big theme for the year 2017. The green color of the plants represents a wild, unpredictable and vibrant feel. Bohemian design blurs the line between inside and outside as much as possible. Don’t just use conventional flower vases think bigger like putting a 4 feet or even bigger plants on the corner of the room. If your space is too small, you can opt to use a clear glass vessel and put small plants or terrariums inside. If you use real plants, it can actually help clean your air as well, double purpose.

Put on a bright wall 

In our case, we used this blue and gold wallpaper which exudes vibrancy and life at the same time it soothes our senses. It enhances all those yellow and pink colors without making the room too confusing. You can also just paint your wall in the color turquoise if red and pink are more your accent colors or if its just too much work to put a wallpaper. Because using a wallpaper you have to make sure your walls are smooth and ready for wallpaper application.

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Keep the look unfinished or rugged 

The bohemian vibe concerns itself more with having a good time rather than a polished or formal look. Having the right amount of ruggedness transforms the room into a comfortable resting spot leaving behind any stiffness and inviting guests to relax and feel at home. 

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